How To Reset Adblue Warning Vw Crafter

Are you tired of staring at the irritating adblue warning light on your VW Crafter dashboard? Well, you’re not alone. AdBlue, though essential for reducing emissions, can cause quite the headache when the warning light comes on. But worry not. In this blog, we’ll guide you on how to reset the adblue warning on your VW Crafter in a few simple steps. So, buckle up and let’s get started!

How To Reset Adblue Warning Vw Crafter

Resetting the Adblue warning light on a VW Crafter is a relatively straightforward process. First, locate the Adblue level sensor, which is typically found in the engine bay near the Adblue tank. Press and hold the small button on the top of the sensor for approximately 5 seconds until the Adblue warning light on the dashboard disappears. Be sure to keep the button held until the light has gone off or the reset process may not be successful.

If the warning light does not go off after resetting, it may be an indication of a more serious issue with the Adblue system. In this case, it is recommended to take the vehicle to a qualified mechanic for further diagnosis and repair. Additionally, it is important to regularly monitor the Adblue level in the tank and refill it as needed to prevent the warning light from coming on in the future.

It should be noted that the exact process for resetting the Adblue warning light on a VW Crafter may vary slightly depending on the model year and specific vehicle configuration. Always consult the vehicle owner’s manual or a qualified mechanic for specific instructions and guidance.

What Is Adblue And Why Does It Need To Be Reset In A Vw Crafter?

Resetting the AdBlue warning on a VW Crafter can be done quite easily by following some simple steps. Firstly, locate the AdBlue tank which is situated underneath the vehicle. Secondly, switch on the ignition but do not start the engine. Next, access the settings menu on the dashboard and navigate to the AdBlue option. Select the option to reset the AdBlue warning and confirm the action. Finally, start the engine and allow it to run for a few minutes to allow for the system to recalibrate.

It is important to note that resetting the AdBlue warning does not refill the tank. It is recommended to monitor the AdBlue levels regularly and refill the tank as needed to avoid receiving any warning messages or even causing damage to the engine. Additionally, it is necessary to use the correct AdBlue fluid to avoid any complications.

If the AdBlue warning persists despite attempting to reset it, it may require a more complex solution such as diagnosing and repairing any faults the system may have. It is essential to address any issues with the AdBlue system as soon as possible to avoid any potential damage to the vehicle’s engine.

Is There A Specific Procedure For Resetting The Adblue Warning On A Vw Crafter?

If you are a VW Crafter owner, you might have encountered the AdBlue warning on your dashboard. This warning is an indication that the AdBlue solution in your vehicle is running low and needs to be refilled. Once you refill the AdBlue solution or replace the AdBlue system, you need to reset the warning light. Here are the steps on how to reset AdBlue warning VW Crafter:

Step 1 – Locate the reset button: The reset button is usually located near the warning light. If you cannot locate it, check your user manual for instructions. Once you locate it, press and hold the button for about 20 seconds- the warning light should go off.

Step 2 – Turn on the ignition: Turn on the ignition without starting the engine. This should initiate the AdBlue system and allow it to reset. You should see the AdBlue warning light flash for a few seconds before it goes off.

Step 3 – Drive your car: You can now start your engine and take a short drive. This will allow the AdBlue system to recalibrate, ensuring it’s working correctly. After the drive, your AdBlue warning light should remain off.

The AdBlue warning light shouldn’t be taken lightly, and you should refill the solution as soon as possible. It’s also essential to ensure that the AdBlue system is reset correctly to avoid repeated warnings, which can be time-wasting and frustrating.

Can The Adblue Warning Be Reset Without Visiting A Dealership?

The AdBlue warning in VW Crafter indicates a low level of AdBlue fluid in the vehicle’s tank. If the warning is not addressed, the vehicle may not start or may have reduced performance. To reset the AdBlue warning in VW Crafter, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Turn on the ignition of your vehicle, without starting the engine.

Step 2: Locate the menu button on your dashboard and press it for several seconds.

Step 3: Scroll through the menu options until you reach the “Reset AdBlue” option.

Step 4: Select the option and wait for the confirmation message that appears on the screen.

Once the process is complete, start the engine to ensure the AdBlue warning is reset in VW Crafter. It’s essential to refill the AdBlue tank when the warning light comes back on to avoid any performance or startup issues. If you’re not confident resetting the AdBlue warning or refilling the tank, it’s best to seek professional assistance.

What Tools Are Needed To Reset The Adblue Warning On A Vw Crafter?

The AdBlue warning light is an important indicator that helps to ensure that your vehicle maintains its performance and drives smoothly. If you are driving a VW Crafter, you might have come across the AdBlue warning light. This warning light indicates that there is a need to refill or reset the system, so the van can continue operating with cleaner emissions.

Resetting the AdBlue warning light in the VW Crafter is a straightforward process. Firstly, you need to turn on the ignition without starting the engine. Then, use the up and down arrows on the steering wheel to navigate to “SETTINGS” and press the “OK” button. Go to “SERVICE,” and then “RESET SERVICE INTERVAL.” Select “YES” to confirm, and the AdBlue warning light should go off.

You can also reset the AdBlue warning light in the VW Crafter using the OBD Eleven app. Firstly, connect the app to the OBD eleven device and navigate to the “APPS” menu. Select “ADBLUE LEVELS,” and then “RESET ADBLUE LEVELS.” Confirm the reset, and you should see a message that indicates the reset process is successful. This method takes much less time and is suitable for those who find accessing the settings menu challenging.

How Can I Prevent The Adblue Warning From Coming On In The First Place?

Resetting the AdBlue warning on a VW Crafter is a straightforward process that can be done using the onboard computer. When the AdBlue warning light comes on, it means it’s time to refill or replace the AdBlue, which is a liquid additive that reduces diesel emissions. To reset the warning light, start by turning on the ignition without starting the engine. Then, press and hold the trip meter button until a message “AdBlue range next refill mileage” appears on the screen.

Next, press and hold the OK button on the steering wheel for a few seconds until the message “Do you want to reset the service interval?” appears. Release the button and press it again to confirm the reset. Finally, turn off the ignition and start the engine. The AdBlue warning light should be gone now, indicating that the AdBlue has been successfully refilled or replaced.

If the AdBlue warning light still does not disappear after resetting it, it could mean that there is a problem with the AdBlue system or sensor, and it’s best to have it diagnosed by a certified Volkswagen mechanic. Proper maintenance of the AdBlue system is crucial for the vehicle’s emission control system, and neglecting it can affect the performance of the engine and increase emissions.


In conclusion, resetting the AdBlue warning on your VW Crafter is a simple process that can save you time and money. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily reset the warning light and ensure that your vehicle is running at its best. It’s important to remember that regular maintenance and timely AdBlue refills are the key to keeping your vehicle running smoothly and avoiding unnecessary breakdowns. So, take care of your VW Crafter, and it will take care of you!