Small-Scale Fish Trade between Cambodia and Thailand

Cambodia’s inland fisheries are the fourth most productive in the world given the combined capacities of the Tonle Sap (Great Lake) and the Mekong River, where more than one million people depend on the fisheries sector for employment, income and food security. Thailand is the largest importer of freshwater fish from Cambodia. Commercial activities in … Read more

Three Case Studies of Women Producers

The following are three different case studies of women producers. 1. The Kuapa Kokoo Cooperative, Ghana The Kuapa Kokoo cocoa cooperative in Ghana buys cocoa from its members for onward export and sale through the Ghana Cocoa Marketing Company (CMC). It has a membership of 45,000 farmers in 890 villages, of whom 70 per cent … Read more

Floriculture in Columbia: Foreign Exchange at The Cost of Exploitation of Women

In the present world, floriculture and horticulture has become a major foreign exchange earner for Latin America and more recently for Africa as well. While the major exports of Africa are directed towards the European markets, the Latin American industry exports are directed to the U.S. The two major countries which have the largest share … Read more

WTO and Gender Concerns in South Asia

This report discusses the key linkages between the WTO agreements and gender in South Asian countries.The central objective of the exercise has been to communicate in simple terms the gender dimensions of the WTO to a non-specialist audience. Trade and gender linkages have not been accorded their due importance by researchers and advocacy groups. Keeping … Read more